A crazy August

My promise to myself of updating my blog every week this summer has uhh…not quite happened.  But I’m telling myself that’s a good thing – this summer has been so relaxing and after A Levels, that was exactly what I needed.

Saying that, last month was incredibly hectic and I think honestly I’m still recovering from it XD.  My emotions were all over the place and justifiably so – I was ridiculously happy to get into uni although my grades were a very bittersweet feeling.  Combine that with the early feeling of impostor syndrome and a building sense of panic about how unprepared I am for uni in terms of basic life skills, PLUS knowing that several of my friends are moving literally hundreds of miles away very soon, I was…a little bit all over the place.

I visited Durham with my family at the beginning of August.  Durham has been on my to-visit list for ages and I was really glad to finally get there!


Zaps Burrito


As you can see, the city is beautiful!  It felt much more like a town than a city – similar vibes to York, although it also seemed smaller.  We stopped off at Zaps burritos for lunch, and I greatly approved of their veggie choices: I had a sweet potato and halloumi combo and it was lovely (if unusual in a burrito).

I’ve also visited friends in Derby a few times this summer – I’m going slightly off-topic here since I didn’t visit at all in August, but over the summer I’ve been down 3 times.  If you’re ever in Cromford, a cute little village not far from Derby itself, I highly recommend popping into Scarthin Books.  My friend introduced me to this wonderful shop where every wall is covered in either books or art, and I’m so excited to go back again and buy some goodies.  There’s also a really nice cafe above the bookshop which serves vegan cake, if that is what your heart desires 🙂


The view from Scarthin, looking over Cromford!

Back to August.  I’ve been on a few nights out and I’ve started enjoying them (and drinking too) – the realisation of this has massively surprised me! A few weeks ago I wrote on Twitter that I was worried I’d feel left out on Freshers’ Week because I didn’t really like drinking, but now I’ve found drinks that I actually like the taste of, I’m quite excited.

I went on holiday with my friends too, and whilst overall it was a great experience, it was definitely also a learning curve.  7 of us went, and we stayed in a town near Malaga.  At first I was concerned that having such a large group would mean that we’d split into two groups and before going on the holiday I felt that was a negative thing, but in reality it turned out for the best.  As it was a fairly big group, we could split up and still be safe and together, but doing whatever we want.  If you’re considering going on holiday with your friends next summer I would bear that in mind – for a lot of us in our group, this was our first holiday without parents so we all had different ideas of what we should do, but going in a larger group means that probably 9 times out 10, there’ll be at least one other person who wants the same as you.  Also, strength in numbers in case of emergency – one of my friends was mugged, and I’m so glad that there were a few of us so that we could help her as quickly as possible.


This month I also went to Leeds Fest! I’ve wanted to go to a festival since I was literally about 10, and this was my first one ever.  Of course, being me, there was a whole drama – I can’t seem to do much without getting myself into sticky situations – and we ended up having to walk 7 miles to get to Bramham, in the middle of a heatwave.  Because of this we missed The Hunna, who I was really excited to see 😦 I’m not going to lie, I thought at first I’d wasted my money as the first few hours of being at Leeds Fest were kinda painful – it was about 30 degrees, the queues for water were so long and I was exhausted from the walk and annoyed about missing The Hunna, but when it cooled down I had the best time.  I’ve also found some of my new favourite music from going, such as Anderson Paak – I really loved his performance.  Blossoms were fab, Billie Eilish was amazing, and the beginning of the day just added to the overall adventure, I suppose 😉

I also took a trip to London with my family.  Normally we go abroad for the summer, but due to medical issues this year we couldn’t, although honestly I’m not that sad.  We had an amazing time in London – it was the perfect mix between doing all the touristy stuff and going to lesser-known places too.  We visited the Natural History Museum because I really wanted to see the giant moon installation there; we also embarked on our own Hugh Grant pilgrimage by looking round Notting Hill, and found his college in Oxford (which is about an hour on the train from London!).  We went to Greenwich and I bought some upcycled shirts from the market (extortionately overpriced, but I’m proud to say I haggled the price down a bit!) which has inspired me to try and modify clothing before shoving it in a charity bag.


Little Venice in Paddington – you wouldn’t believe this is Central London!


We’re over halfway through September now and honestly, it still feels like an indulgence not to be doing stuff every day.  August well and truly exhausted me.  I’m trying to get back to top form so that I can start uni on a high (and hopefully survive Freshers’ Week…).  I’m battling my way through my uni reading list and the books I thought I’d enjoy least are actually some of my favourites so far, which is very encouraging… I promise (and that is an actual promise!) to write at least 2 more posts before I leave for uni next weekend.

Hope you’re all fine and dandy,