fulfilling your dreams (or…not)

A few points I just want to say too:

  • Firstly I hope this post is actually legible – thank you Eleanor for giving me the idea to handwrite posts, genius!!
  • In no way am I saying Cambridge isn’t the right choice of uni for anyone – for me at this particular moment in time, I don’t feel it’s right. You don’t have to follow what you once dreamed of doing.
  • Dreams can change. I am ridiculously excited to go to York, something that, one year ago today, I wouldn’t have thought I’d be saying. Everything seems perfect. Your dreams and desires change as you do, and that’s good. So, in a way, I did get into my dream uni: it’s just not the uni that I used to think was my dream.
  • Thank you so so much to everyone who congratulated me/wished me luck – even though I kind of knew I wasn’t going to interview, your support honestly made me cry ❤️
  • I’m going to put York as my firm choice uni, and the offer is AAB which hopefully is achievable. My second choice is Nottingham but my offer there is AAA, so I’m not sure if I’ll actually put it down as my insurance, because if I don’t get the grades for York, I certainly won’t have for Nottingham!

2 thoughts on “fulfilling your dreams (or…not)

  1. Cara I loved this post! You shouldn’t thank me for the inspiration, I was previously inspired by Dalal aha! Honestly, I’m so in awe about your strength to withdraw your application. From my rejection, I’ve learnt that we do have this whole way of talking about Oxbridge and our language around it can be quite undermining. If you’d withdrawn from other unis it would’ve been no big deal but Oxford or Cambridge?! Well why would you pass up a uni like that. I think your decision to withdrawal is an incredible mark of you as a person and you will no doubt flourish at York. They’re incredibly luck to have you.


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    1. Exactly, when I told my friends I could tell a lot of them were actually shocked – it’s so prestigious that even if it’s not right for you, it’s expected that you’ll go for it anyway. Thank you! I’m so excited, it does genuinely seem perfect in most ways. Sending my love always xxx


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