The Faves

c l o t h i n g

to say it’s actually May, the weather has been quite unreliable lately – it’s cold in the morning, rains for most of the day, then is really sunny later on (although saying that, it’s 10.15am here and already 16°c and yesterday it reached 25°)! typical britain haha, so recently I’ve taken to wearing a lot of layers. my two favourite combos at the moment are:

blue shirt: next – sports bra/crop top: adidas – jumper: nike (obvs)

sportswear items have actually become some of my favourite clothes recently: they’re so easy and comfy to wear just around the house, they’re generally quite flattering and they have the bonus of meaning you can’t wriggle out of not exercising!!

m u s i c

  • nice for what – drake
  • sanctify – years & years
  • broken – lund
  • color blind – diplo
  • shot down – khalid
  • paradise – george ezra

f l o w e r s

since the weather hasn’t been that great, a lot of the trees around where I live are still bare, or at least very sparse, although with the past few days of sunshine the blossom is now coming out!!! if you follow my instagram you’ll know that I ❤ blossom, so I’m very very excited that it’s back.

t v s h o w s

it’s surprising to a lot of my friends that i don’t have netflix (but god knows i don’t need another distraction!😂), so if I feel like watching something, I’ll either put on a film, watch some youtube videos or watch the actual tv (as in, something that is actually being broadcast on tv, not something I’m streaming). at the minute, I’m enjoying watching britain’s got talent – the auditions are the best part! – and the yorkshire vet, because even though I’m allergic to most animals and am very squeamish, it’s still enjoyable as parts are filmed close-ish to where I live, which is pretty cool 😏

j o k e

my friend recently told me a joke, and it’s the first on I’ve heard in a while which I’ve told other people 😂 so, what do you call a row of rabbits jumping backwards?

(I’ll put the answer at the bottom of this post!)

f o r t h e f a c e

i’m not one for wearing a full face of makeup – powder, brows, eyeshadow, and depending on how tired I look, concealer, is the most I’ll wear, but my favourites are:

  • brows – makeup revolution brow kit (which is £3 I think, but such good quality!)
  • concealer – maybelline instant anti-age rewind or seventeen stay time – I prefer the maybelline one but it’s not cruelty-free, so I don’t think I’ll buy it again 😦
  • powder – collection sheer loose powder
  • eyeshadow – makeup revolution x soph does nails palette

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post; I enjoyed writing it to be honest! Wishing you all the best of weeks, let’s hope this weather lasts 😊

Cara xx

the answer to the joke is – a receding hare line 😉

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