50 facts about me

I’ve gained a fair amount of new followers recently (if you’re one, hey! It’s nice to have you here) and since it’s my birthday, I thought it’d be an interesting post that I can compare with next year!

  1. I’m 17 years old today!
  2. That makes me an Aries.
  3. I don’t really pay much attention to horoscopes, although sometimes at the end of the day I’ll have a look at one and see if it fits with what happened during the day – spoiler, it doesn’t normally!!
  4. I’m the eldest child, and have one brother who’s 14.
  5. I’m half-Welsh, but sadly I don’t have an accent at all (at least I don’t think I do)
  6. I can do an okay(ish) Scottish impression but it’s not something I exactly pride myself on!
  7. I own too many things! I wouldn’t describe myself as a hoarder but…do I really need that scrappy postcard my best friend sent me in 2005? :/
  8. I like to think that I’m in control of my fears.
  9. One of my favourite hobbies is reading but I don’t read as much as I’d like to: it’s just so much easier to pick up my iPad or phone and scroll down Instagram but I’d love to change that.
  10. Paddington 1 and 2 are amazing films, as well as the Harry Potter series.
  11. I’m a naturally ambitious person but I think sometimes my ambitions aren’t exactly…feasible 🙂
  12. In relation to fact 11, I’d love to get to Cambridge Uni (which I know I’ve mentioned approximately 482617 times on here), but we’ll see how that pans out.
  13. My guilty pleasure would be stationery! Or chocolate 🙂
  14. I have a Saturday job at a national company – I don’t know if I can say it because of confidentiality or something?! I’d better not risk it, but it’s a well-known clothing company in the UK and I think most towns and cities have one, and I really like working there!
  15. I love to travel and if I could, I’d go on a world tour – particularly to go to Greece and America!
  16. I’m currently trying to persuade my parents to let us go to Greece in the summer holidays…
  17. Although I’ve only read one Shakespeare play (Macbeth) I loved it.
  18. I wouldn’t say I’m naturally sporty but I do enjoy playing sports.
  19. My favourite colour is red at the moment, but it changes a lot.
  20. Linking on from that, I’m very indecisive. It must annoy other people because it annoys me!
  21. Apples are my favourite fruit.
  22. If I could only have pizza or pasta for the rest of my life, it would be pizza. 100%.
  23. I’m not really that into makeup – on a day to day basis I’ll wear powder, brow gel and mascara, and eyeshadow if I’m feeling fancy.
  24. Emma Watson used to be my absolute idol (and she still is but not to the same extent!) I used to wish I was Hermione and I think I believed Emma Watson was Hermione.
  25. I have an intolerance to peanuts (although it’s very mild, I have to admit).
  26. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but my favourite programmes are the Great British Bake off (obvs), Britain’s Got Talent, The Apprentice and anything police-chase related – I just find them so interesting!!
  27. I’m doing my a-levels at school; I take geography, English lit and English language.
  28. Instagram is my favourite and most-used social media.
  29. I need to remember to sign up to be an organ and blood donor.
  30. I don’t believe in a God, but I do like to think fate runs things. It takes the stress off a bit, sometimes 😉
  31. When people ask me if I’d prefer to go to a beach or city on holiday or to live (referring back to no.20!) I’ll immediately start making a pros and cons list. I love both for different reasons!
  32. I’m very clumsy but surprisingly, I’ve never broken a bone.
  33. I have partially dislocated my knee though. When standing still. :/ (interesting fact, Austrian hospitals are way way nicer than English ones!!)
  34. At school when everybody’s talking about the latest Netflix show, I can’t join in because I don’t have Netflix. One more distraction is exactly what I don’t need.
  35. I have 4 piercings, 2 in each lobe. I’m tempted to get a helix piercing too buuut I’m not sure if I can handle the pain 😂
  36. My favourite kind of people are the ones who you can start talk to about a completely random topic and know that they’re enjoying the conversation too. That feeling is great 💖
  37. I’m most likely to fall in love with a person initially for their sense of humour.
  38. Cats or dogs – probably dogs, but again, there are pros and cons!!
  39. I’m allergic to dogs and cats, which is nearly as tragic as The Titanic sinking.
  40. I once saw Lord Alan Sugar’s car! That’s going to be my claim to fame in the future.
  41. I love having copper nail varnish on at the moment.
  42. Most of the money I earn is saved for university, but what I do spend is spent on clothes, jewellery, books and magazines.
  43. Cows freak me out a bit.
  44. In the future I’d like to be in the media, writing or broadcasting – so blogging is good practise, for sure!
  45. My favourite temperature to live in is about 25°c; the hottest place I’ve ever been in is Lanzarote, which reached 41°c.
  46. I can play the flute.
  47. I used to practise ballet, but I stopped when I was about 10. I also did gymnastics for quite a while.
  48. Orange juice is probably my favourite cold drink, hot chocolate is my favourite hot drink
  49. As Ginny Weasley says, I believe anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.
  50. And finally, when I’ve worked up enough nerve, I’d love to try sky diving or bungee jumping!

So there you go, fifty facts about me – I’m surprised I could think of 50 to be honest! It feels weird to say I’m now 17: it feels so much more adult than 16!

4 thoughts on “50 facts about me

  1. “I don’t believe in a God, but I do like to think fate runs things. It takes the stress off a bit, sometimes” this kinda works out for me sometimes as well. It was fun reading all the facts about you. But I don’t like apples.😶😶😶😶😶 Not sure if I can survive on pastas but I love them.😉
    Okay so Hi. I am Manidipa and I am 18. I am from India. I travelled to your blog via your Instagram (I am @dracarys there). Blogging is a favourite (and Instagram too) because it helps to meet so many people across different countries, cultures and traditions and still connect somewhere within. I love making new friends and I am always ready for some good chat about any topic that rises out of nowhere (wait did i just copy that line from you. Prolly!😛😛😛) I am glad to meet you. Looking forward to being friends.
    Love and hugs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. First of all I’m sorry this reply is so late! Hello Manidipa, thank you for finding my blog!! It’s amazing how you can find like-minded people literally thousands of miles away; some people you have never/will never meet but you just feel that connection! ❤️


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