An adorned adolescent

Credit to Pinterest for the title!! As soon as I saw it (I think it was the title for a magazine article) I felt inspired to write this post so here it is – some of my favourite jewellery, accessories, giving you an insight into my style and fashion…

Sunglasses – NEXT

Being the optimist I am, I thought I should probably buy some sunglasses soon since it’s nearly spring – of course, I live in England, so whether we’ll see any sun is anybody’s guess, but hopefully 🙂 I saw these in Next the other day and I had to buy them; I love the indie/retro vibe they give! Plus I feel like tortoiseshell colours kinda suit me, because my hair is a similar colour?! They’re that awkward size in that they’re slightly too big for my face but not so big that I can call them oversized, however I love them anyway!

Four rings – PANDORA, watch – ICE WATCHES

Silver wave ring – NEW LOOK, rose gold wave rings – NEW LOOK, purple and gold flower ring – JAKARTA (a shop in Spain which I love!), necklace – SWAROVSKI

As you can see I own a fair amount of rings – I feel naked without wearing some! My favourites are my 4 (!! I know – obsessed) Pandora rings, but when I’m feeling like wearing less *serious* jewellery I usually gravitate towards much cheaper ones; my favourites at the moment are the ones shown in the photos which I think were roughly £3 each. I often forget to put necklaces on but my Swarovski one was bought for me by my grandparents and I love it: it dresses up an outfit instantly, even just jeans and a t-shirt. That said, I try not to wear it too much because the thought of its price genuinely terrifies me, so I prefer to keep it safely hung up, out of the way of any damage 😅 my other favourite necklaces are two from the company SILVER and a pendant from LINKS OF LONDON, which I actually didn’t take a photo of for some reason (although, if you’re looking for any jewellery recommendations, both companies have such lovely items so you won’t struggle too much!!)

Silver wave hoops – NEXT, back to front heart earrings – NEXT

Earrings! Possibly my favourite accessory – I feel like you can be bold or keep it simple but still look so classy! I recently had my upper lobes pierced (I had my first ones done in April 2008!) so at the moment I only have tiny silver studs in each, but I’m planning to put my silver wave hoops into the upper piercing when they’re healed, although they might actually be a bit too heavy and big so we’ll see. I bought these from Next as well, plus the back to front style I’m wearing in the right hand side photo too – I’m not sure the best way of describing them! Basically, there’s a small diamond stud, then a heart which is attached to a long post of metal with two holes on, and you have to slide the back of the stud through one of the holes then attach the back. I hope that makes sense! I feel like this sort of style is becoming more trendy so if you don’t know what I mean, probably before long you will 😉

Gold etched hoops – PRIMARK, pink flower studs – PANDORA

Primark for the win! Is there anything you can’t get at Primark? I bought a set of 9 pairs of earrings for £3 and surprisingly, the quality is really good – unlike some of my more expensive earrings (by that I mean particularly the back-to-front earrings) which turn my piercings a delightful shade of green, these are perfect! They do look slightly clunky I admit, but for £3, I can get over that. My pink flower studs are probably my most worn earrings as they’re so practical yet pretty meaning that I can wear them everyday for school or for going out in, and I think they contrast nicely with my upper lobe piercings.

I am somewhat of a magpie and I am attracted to anything silver and sparkly so I own *maybe* too many items of jewellery but hey – will I stop buying new stuff? Definitely not 😉

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