A “lovely” family day out


I’m currently sat on my bed, in a pig onesie, eating a bar of dairy milk to recuperate, and if that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about our disastrous trip out, I don’t know what does.

Maybe I’m exaggerating slightly – besides the mud, getting lost and a lot of barbed wire, it was lovely really 😂

Shoutout to my dad for being my personal photographer!!

So, since it’s half term, my family and I decided to go to Saltburn, a pretty seaside town; there’s not loads to do there, so we figured we’d just have a walk around, buy some chips for lunch and then go to the neighbouring town of Redcar where there’s a delicious gluten-free cake cafe (my mum is a coeliac – allergic to gluten – so finding nice places for her to eat is always important!). From my town, Saltburn is about an hour’s drive away and honestly, that was probably the highlight of the day.

As you can see, Saltburn is very pretty and picturesque so we decided to have a wander along the beach after getting some chips for lunch – very nice!! I’d say we walked for about a mile then followed a sign up the cliff – a sign which said “coastal path” – to go back to the car.

Clearly, my definition of a coastal path was very different to whoever inscribed that sign 😂I personally would say a coastal path conjures up images of a gravel lined lane, surrounded perhaps by some grass and straw-type plants (‘straw-type plants’?! Says the a-level geographer? Tut tut cara, you should know better!), a slight breeze, blazing sunshine and spectacular views. The reality of this so-called coastal path was quite a contrast – picture some patches of land that may once have been fields, but are now so sodden and waterlogged they’re more like lakes, flimsy wooden stiles and a lot of barbed wire, and you get a pretty accurate image.

After trudging half a mile or so in this horrible sticky mud we were slightly worried about our safety, given that we were 200 metres above sea level and slipping around on precarious cliff tops. Being the outdoors-adventurer type of family (again, not) we reverted to the ignorant optimistic approach – surely it can’t get any worse?”

Ah, but of course it can.

We carried on regardless, and met another family along the way with a child about 7 years old, who’d just lost his shoe to the mud and was crying saying that he wanted to go home. I honestly don’t think I’d ever empathised more with someone. I was seriously starting to wonder whether the air ambulance would mind if we asked for a lift, but luckily we didn’t have to resort to that 😂.

As you can just about make out, the hollows in the mud show how deep and sticky this stuff was! Like, our shoes were nearly being sucked off and that’s not an exaggeration; I feared for my Nikes. But, there were some amazing views!

Still, we carried on; at one point, my dad ripped his coat on some barbed wire, my brother nearly slipped down the cliff and my mum wasn’t so happy about our decision to come this way. Somehow though, all four of us managed to stay on our feet – sure, we slid, skidded and splashed but nobody actually fell over.

Eventually we got to another field/lake, and there was no way to go over the fence around it – and even if we could have somehow straddled it, we’d have needed swimming costumes on. At this point, we gave up our pretence of being hardy Englishmen and turned back.Add another 2 miles or so of trudging through the mud, then another 2 finding a lane back to where we’d parked the car, and you get one very tired and unhappy family 😂luckily, we’d parked near a Sainsbury’s so a much needed Wispa bar was bought – always a silver lining, hey?!

Maybe I am being, in typical characteristic style, a little over dramatic, but it was a loooong day. And to top it off, we didn’t even get to the GF-cafe!! 😦 looking back already though I can tell it’s going to be one of those trips that stays in my memory for a long time – maybe not completely for the right reasons, but it’s another story to tell in the future I guess!

Cara xx

(By the way – I upgraded my blog! And I’m very happy with it so far, although expect some more little changes in the near future)

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