I feel like I haven’t properly introduced myself to quite a few of my followers – since the start of the year this little community had expanded some, so if you’re new here, hey!! I’m Cara, and so that I don’t bore anybody, here are some facts about myself that I don’t think I’ve shared online.

  • I have always wanted to be an author. As I grew up, my passion for creative writing grew stronger but I repressed it in fear of not looking “cool” – thank goodness I got over that! I suppose though, running a blog is kind of like being my own author, and my ultimate dream is still there.
  • In the future, I want to become fluent in Spanish. I learned Spanish as a GCSE and I try to teach myself it now, and I have a good basis of the language, I truly want to be immersed in a foreign language and culture.
  • Similar to that, I’d also love to experience life in another country. If I could live anywhere, I’d choose either The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain or New York.
  • I really enjoy stretching.
  • Writing and making speeches is a passion of mine although I don’t do it as frequently as I’d like! I love the idea that words can influence a person and I find the feeling of speaking aloud about a topic really exhilarating.
  • I definitely have mentioned this before but Harry Potter is my favourite book and film series. I love reading and as you can probably tell, a lot of my hobbies and subjects at school are language-and-arts-based.
  • I tend to bite off more than I can chew, but I work more productively if I hundreds of deadlines or commitments.
  • Making puns and unfunny jokes are my speciality.
  • I really dislike the fruit banana, but give me anything banana-flavoured!
  • More often that not, I’ll be dressed in a stripey shirt (and other clothes, obviously)
  • As a way of life, veganism inspires me, but so far I haven’t been able to make the jump to it – I’m unfortunately too much of a fan of cheese and chocolate!
  • I’m more confident around people I don’t know at all than with people I kiiind of vaguely know. I could chat for a while very easily with someone I’ve never met before, but I’m much more shy when speaking to a person who may already have an opinion on me. Although, I am growing much more confident and maybe this year I’ll be myself (loud and probably not funny) with everybody.
  • I’m the sort of person who becomes obsessed with something very quickly – be it a YouTuber, a fashion trend or a saying. I started saying “peng” as a joke quite recently, and a few times I’ve noticed it slipping subconsciously into my vocabulary!
  • I have a very motivated work ethic and I think that’s partly due to being a perfectionist. It’s probably controversial but I love learning and I also love school – I can hear the gasps of shock, I said it was controversial!
  • I work on Saturdays in a clothes shop. I actually really enjoy talking to customers, and it’s a lovely shop to work in so to get paid as well – not as much as I’d like, obviously 😉 – is a win win.
  • One day I’d love to be able to work in a magazine company or a broadcasting company.

So there you go! It’s been a while since I’ve written anything on my blog and I’m sorry about that; I’ve broken one of my resolutions already haha 😦 see you later x