How to revise.

This is obviously a huge, huge topic to cover in a blog post (I think there was some sort of irony in there) but I recently asked on my Instagram story if this would be a post you guys are interested in or would find helpful – I think that even if you don’t have any exams coming up, finding new ways to revise is definitely useful and will help in the future.

The best way to revise is start early. I’m sure we’ve all been in that situation where you’re in an exam and thinking “hmm, maaaaybe I could have/should have done some more revision” so the easiest way is to just get on with it! There may be so many other things you’d prefer to be doing but education is extremely important (and something I’m very passionate in, haha).

My first tip is, as soon as you get home from school/college/university, write a list of all of the homework tasks or revision you need to do, and write them in order of due date. I put all of mine in my planner which literally has my soul in, it’s honestly like a horcrux 😂

Then, I’ll write a to do list for the night, with all of the revision I have to do broken down into manageable chunks. The last thing you want to do is have to spend 4+ hours on revision after school, so make sure you’re realistic in what you can actually achieve in one sitting.

I find rewriting or summarising notes the most effective way for me to remember information but flash cards, mini quizzes, drawing out key point etc also help. I like to use a lot of colour too, hehe, because the brain works in patterns so it helps. When I was studying for my GCSEs I found writing little songs with information I need to remember in the lyrics very helpful, but I’m not so sure my family were as appreciative of these *songs*…

Motivation is the real struggle I think – it’s really hard to revise efficiently if your heart isn’t in it. For a levels and degrees I’m sure motivation is more abundant than for GCSEs, because let’s face it, if you hate maths you’re not really going to be that interested in doing another 2 hours of it after school. What you have to remember is:

  • Education is very important
  • But exams aren’t the end of the world. Take a break, don’t forget to enjoy life too – but balance it properly with revision 😉
  • You’re likely to need whatever subjects you’re taking in future, so if you don’t put the work in now, you’ll just have to later.
  • It could be fun – ok, I’m sorry, maybe not fun, but bearable perhaps. If you find a way of revising and stick to a revision timetable, things do get easier and much more routine.

I hope this helps! Let me know what sort of revision techniques you use, I’d be really interested 😊have a good weekend!!

3 thoughts on “How to revise.

  1. I’m so glad school has finished for me, now I’m just waiting for my results which is a lot more terrifying, to be honest. Still some really good tips though!
    Ljoy x


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