Self Confidence

Self confidence is definitely a concept that is much easier to say than to adopt, but it’s an issue particularly prevalent in today’s day and age. I’ve struggled in my younger teenage years with low self confidence, so I know how it feels, but I’m also really happy to say that there is a way to become more confident in yourself and everything you do – the living proof is writing this post, haha! 🙂

The reason I’ve always been a bit low in confidence is due mainly to my body; I’ve always had a fuller figure than my friends and other people I’ve been surrounded by and I felt a lot of pressure especially when I was younger to fit in. I have gingery hair (which I’ve learned now to absolutely love!), my thighs touch, my legs are relatively short for my height and I used to have braces, so I was exactly what I what I didn’t want to look like.

I’m lucky in that I didn’t get a smartphone or any social media (apart from facebook, which I set up when I was 10 and used solely for chatting with my friends – wow, did I think I was cool!!) until I was 13. I think, had I been younger, I would have felt even more pressure to change my body because, you know how it is – you immediately follow the Kardashians, Selena Gomez, every Victoria’s Secret model in the world and see only the very posed, photoshopped images that they portray as real life. However, I think by the time I got Instagram and snapchat and everything else, I’d heard all of my friends worrying about their bodies and talking of diets they were following which they’d seen online and realised that it’s very very easy to believe what you see on social media. Saying that, you can’t help comparing yourself to these images but they’re damaging to your perception of yourself – I remember when I was in Year 10 I frantically tried to find ways to lose weight from my glutes and thighs because I felt so ugly and unworthy, and just uncomfortable with the way I looked.

2 years on, I’ve accepted that this is my body and I should be proud of it. Obviously, that realisation didn’t just come one day – I had to work to make myself believe it.


Top tips for self-confidence

  • Tell yourself you are beautiful. Truly, you are. Look in the mirror at least 3 times a day and focus on your beauty.
  • Don’t listen to what other people tell you. If you want to do something, wear something, like something, don’t let anybody else’s views stop you from doing that. Remember you’re the only person living your life, and you need to enjoy it.
  • Everybody is different!! Individuality is what makes us…individuals. You’re perfect the way you are.

I’m going to be posting regularly about self confidence because as I’ve already said, it’s something that needs to be worked at and I admit I’m still not 100% confident with myself, so hopefully it’ll help me and some of you guys too!

5 thoughts on “Self Confidence

  1. I completely agree with you. I think a lot of self confidence issues arise from social media these days. It’s weird because I’ve never struggled with it until this year and I think that’s also because I just haven’t spent that much time on social media before. Accepting yourself and your body is a daily battle now, but I’m finding myself having more good days recently than bad days so that’s great. I really love your tips – telling yourself you’re beautiful and thinking it every day helps so much, even if you don’t believe it yet it still boosts your confidence!

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    1. Definitely! Although in general social media is great there are certain problems that come with it. I’m so glad things are getting easier, honestly you are so beautiful and perfect ❤️

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  2. I loved this post! Thankfully, I don’t have any social media, aside from this and YouTube. I’ve always been shorter than all of my other friends, and hated it, but now I’ve just learned to embrace my cute, small self.😇❄️💕

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    1. Exactly, and quite frankly there’s no point worrying about body shapes and sizes because you can’t change them! Thank you for reading, sending my love 😍🧡


  3. Here’s 12 suggestions to boost your confidence: – 1. Remember the good times 2. Dress for success 3. Stand tall 4. Look others in the eyes 5. Let other people do the talking 6. Smile 7. Be okay with failure 8. Get around positive/uplifting people 9. Become a lifelong student 10. Exercise 11. Reward yourself 12. Give thanks

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