sixth form life

Well hello there 🙂

I recently received an email from The Student Room (which if you don’t currently subscribe to you definitely should – they give some really good tips and insights from students experiencing UCAS, sixth form etc) about starting up a ‘grow your grades’ blog on their website. Basically, that means a thread where you post pretty much anything to do with school and education so I thought I’d give it a go, and write it actually on my blog too. Anybody who knows me will know I’m really passionate about education and I have a very strong work ethic but I’m hoping doing the Grow Your Grades blog will help me even more – every little extra bit of motivation is so helpful!


For newer readers, I’m 16 and I’m in 6th form studying English literature, English language, geography and art. Although I did well in all of my subjects at GCSE I’ve always been a more arts-based than science-based person (although I really enjoy linguistics which is arguably more science) which you can probably tell by my A Level choices! At GCSE, I was awarded 3 As, 3 A*s, two Grade 8s and a Grade 9, and based on this I’m predicted to get As in all of my A Levels – but my aim is to get at least two A*s.


The dream – my goal is to get to Cambridge, either to study English literature or linguistics. I’m in Year 12 at the moment so although I’m starting to look at universities, I don’t have a solid shortlist yet as I haven’t been to any open days – all I’ve really done is looked at the courses online and some Google Images of the cities! Saying that, Nottingham, York and Durham are definitely places I want to research more as I think they may be potentials…;)


So, in this series on my blog and on The Student Room, what am I going to be talking about? I’m going to be sharing my revision plans, timetables, best textbooks/extra reading books, revision spaces and tips, as well as progress and maybe examples from any assessments. If it helps anybody, I could share some GCSE prep work, but bear in mind I took the old GCSEs lol (apart from in English and maths, I took the newer, numerical graded exams for these subjects). I’ll also cover the best revision tips, balancing school, jobs, extra curricular activities, socialising and all that jazz and of course, making a few jokes whilst I’m at it.

Cara xx

(just a little sidenote – I’ll probably upload to this series once a week or once a fortnight!)

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