31.10 – a day in Cambridge

Hurrah! Finally, my last Blogtober post, even though it’s being written on November 18th!! I loooove my time management skills haha.

Saying that, I know my time management actually is the problem – I try and fit too much into my life so something has to give and it seems to be that thing is blogging. I’ve been busy recently so I haven’t had much time at all to write, but starting this week I’m going to get really organised and hopefully I’ll be blogging more consistently 🙂

Anyway, last night my family and I drove down to Cambridge as I had a linguistics Masterclass at the university today, which is the uni I’ve always dreamed of going to. It felt so weird to actually be there because I’ve only ever seen the city on Instagram and google but the architecture is so beautiful it feels almost surreal! (haha, if I’m successful and I get into Cambridge uni, the amount of architecture photos on my Instagram will increase exponentially lol – and that’s saying something, since every other photo is already a pretty building to be honest.)

The class itself consisted of two lectures – an introduction to the linguistics course and psycholinguistics – and another session on applying to Cambridge. The psycholinguistics lecture was so interesting, and I also met some really funny people who share similar interests to me which was really lovely (hey, if you’re reading this 😏)

After the sessions had finished I had a quick look around the city centre although by that point it was starting to get dark – I don’t know how it is in other countries but in England in winter it goes dark about 4 o’clock?? I really hate the dark and cold of winter, haha, but we warmed up in a restaurant before driving back home.

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