29.10 – room.

“Let’s have a productive day,” she said.

“If I get up at 9 I can tidy my room, take some photos and write some posts” she said.

It is currently 12.12pm, and I have just had a shower. Great.

Anyway, for today’s post I just thought I’d show you guys my favourite areas of my room (although due to it now getting dark at 4 o’clock I can’t take very good photos because the sun doesn’t get to my room very much any more 🙃)

My desk is my second-favourite part of my room (after my bed of course, but I thought it might be interpreted somewhat weirdly if I took a photo of my bed? I don’t know, I overthink things) as I work best so I do my school work here, I can read and draw and it’s quite photogenic, if I do say so myself. I also love my wall display which features tickets, postcards and posters I’ve collected.

Cara xx

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