26.10 – intrepid museum and the nypl

On our last day, my dad and brother wanted to visit the Intrepid Museum which showcases air, space and sea travel vessels. My mum and I weren’t too keen on going – we’d rather have gone shopping – but we gave in and went to the museum. I didn’t take many photos here because, truth be told, it’s not my sort of thing: being a typical 16 year old girl, the only planes I’m interested in are the ones that take me on holiday.

After we’d walked through the museum and had a look around (it wasn’t as painful as expected and we also got to go in a submarine which was pretty cool) we took the bus back to Times Square then slowly strolled back to the hotel to pick up our luggage, via Bryant Park and the New York Public Library. The NYPL gave me that little extra persuasion that in the future, I want to live in New York – it’s sooo cool and just my absolute dream!!

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