18.10 – meet the creatives, no. 1

Hi! Welcome to my new series on my blog, where I chat to some of the coolest, quirkiest and most creative people of this generation. Introducing M, the inspiring soul behind @_cadmiumred

Hey! Tell us a little bit about yourself please, your name, where you live etc.

A: My name is M and I’m a French artist, I’m seventeen and I live in the south-west of France. I love photography, poetry, sculpture, painting, fashion, music, basically any forms of art and creations! If there’s something you’ll know about me is that I feel emotions very intensely and I paint very passionately.

Where or who do you look to when you’re stuck in a creative rut?

A: north Wales is my favourite place to be, half of my family is from there and it feels like more than a home. So if I’m stuck, that’s where I’d love to be. The landscapes and nature are so beautiful, the mountains and the beaches help me to meditate and reflect.

When I’m stuck, I like to look up to my favourite artist, Frida Kahlo, I like the way she expresses her feelings, her artworks are really raw. I’m inspired by the vulnerability she shows in her art but I’m also inspired by her strength as a human; her life was very difficult but she survived through her passions, love and art. Her diary is incredibly inspiring, it’s probably the book I treasure most!

For people who are unfamiliar with your work, what’s your favourite subject to draw/photograph?

A: my favourite subject to photograph is my best friends. When I take photographs, I have ideas of what a certain picture should make people feel and I just try to recreate this atmosphere in real life!

My painting process is really different from photography, I’d say that my paintings are centred around portraits, but to be honest, if you’d ask me what I really paint, I’d say my emotions and my state of mind. When I paint, I just feel really intensely. So I don’t think of what I paint, my heart just pours onto the canvas from itself.

If you’re not enjoying making a piece or something goes wrong, what do you do?

A: if I’m not enjoying making a piece, I just stop and do something else. I’m the kind of person who stops doing something when it feels wrong because otherwise I’ll feel really bad for wasting my time and energy for something that I don’t enjoy. That has already happened to me a few but that doesn’t make me feel bad at all because I don’t think that it’s even possible to create something wrong. In this world, mistakes don’t exist.

Where do you like to create?

A: I really enjoy to create from home because painting for me is telling all my deepest thoughts and feelings all in one, so I need to feel good with my surroundings to open up my heart. So I make my bedroom cosy; I light up some candles, have some chocolates, wear comfy clothes and then sit on a chair, in front of my easel. While I paint, I usually drink Earl Grey or English breakfast tea or simply water and I sometimes listen to music.

If you could use only one medium for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

A: oh, that’s a really challenging question but I feel like oil painting has to be my answer to be honest. Painting brings me so much happiness and a really deep connection within myself. I wish I could express it with words, I wish I could explain how beautiful it is to me.

I believe that painting is a very sensual medium, the painter gets very vulnerable in front of a canvas. I also admire the texture of paint, the way it grips onto the canvas. It’s thickness, it’s fluidity, the bold colours…a painting can be really powerful. When I look at paintings, I feel movements, sounds, and vibrations coming out of it. It’s alive and timeless.

If, like me, you think M sounds like one of the most inspirational young artists out there, definitely have a look at her Instagram and blog:

@_cadmiumred • cadmiumxred.blogspot.fr/

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