12.10 – book, books, books

One of my favourite pastimes is reading, whether that be a fiction or non fiction, magazine or coffee table art book – today I’m going to share with you my ultimate autumn reads!

1. The Handmaid’s Tale 

– very disturbing and chilling, especially since all of the events are based on historical fact. I’m reading this for school and I’m enjoying it in a spine-tingling kind of way.

2. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

– you can’t have a book list without at least one of the Harry Potters appearing (or apparating, should I say?)

3. Wonder

– an interesting read into the life of a boy with facial deformities. It’s extremely inspiring and presented in a lighthearted way…defo good for curling up with on a Saturday night! 

4. Frankie magazine

– if you’re into art, photography, fashion, design, music, anything creative really, this is the magazine for you! Admittedly it’s difficult to get in the UK but if you manage, it’s well worth it!

5. All the Places in London That I’ve Drawn So Far 

– fun fact: I tagged the author/illustrator of this book in an instagram photo and he replied. One of the coolest moments in my instagram life.

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