10.10 – an art interview with…myself

Q: what’s your favourite medium?

A: I really enjoy using ink and pencil. I also like acrylic paints, although I’ll never use them willingly if/when I paint a self portrait.

Q: where do you look for inspiration?

A: Instagram or Pinterest mainly! I follow lots of really beautiful accounts which provide me with lots of ideas.

Q: what’s your favourite subject?

A: i like to make works of portraits and figures, but I normally try and avoid self portraits if I can help it.

Q: what’s the big deal with self portraits?

A: I find that I tend to paint what I’d like to see instead of what I actually see. Heheh 😇

Q: would you rather paint an a1 sized piece or an a3 sized piece?

A: a1 definitely! The bigger the better. There’s more room for creativity and expression and it’s easier to fine-tune the details.

Q: most stunning piece of work you’ve ever seen?

A: 18 year retrospective ‘universal collection’ exhibition – sacha jafri, the saatchi gallery

I’d like this to become a regular feature on my blog so if you’d like to see your name in print and answer some of my questions, give me a quick message!

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