08.10 – why did I start blogging?

I was thinking the other day, when and why did I actually start blogging? And it took me a while to figure out the answer.

I started my Instagram account (my personal one) in August 2015 and after just a few days on it I fell in love, and I started another account which I believe was called something along the lines of prettylittlestarfall (cringey or what?!)which had some of my favourite photographs I’d taken on (one I remember clearly was of a packet of birthday cake flavoured M&Ms…) although I could be wrong because I’ve been through a lot of accounts 😂

I’ve also been through many, many blogs. My very first one was set up in Year 6 ICT Club, so either late 2011 or early 2012, entitled celebritynewsflash.weebly.com but tragically this domain doesn’t exist anymore (for the purposes of this post I tried and failed to find it😂). My first real blog though came about last year – I’d fallen out with some of my friends, I felt a bit lonely but I also just wanted to try something new and I’m so glad I did!

Blogging has allowed me to express myself (I can hear you screaming “what a cliche!!”) and I feel that my writing skills have improved since I began, meaning that now I write much more for pleasure instead of just because I have to. I’ve met some amazing people online; I continue to be inspired by their work and I aspire to have similar impacts on others.

Cara xx 🌟🌹

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