05.10 – photo editing tutorial

First of all, what am I like? I completely forgot to write anything yesterday and by the time I’d remembered (about 9pm) I thought there was no point doing it then as I’d just be rushing. So, for yesterday’s post 😂 I’m going to be showing you a generic process of the way I edit my photos for Instagram – I say generic because I don’t really edit them that much but when I do, I just change the brightness and contrast etc and as well as this, it depends on the original photo.

(For this tutorial I’m using Snapseed which is my favourite editing app – it’s simple to use and free but also a really advanced editor). Also, just a disclaimer, the reason I edit my photos is so that they are bolder and fit into my Instagram theme better but I don’t spend ages perfecting them: 80% of the time i won’t edit them at all.

This is the original photo which I’ll be editing; it was taken a week ago looking down Downing Street.

Primarily I will open up Snapseed and import my photo, then use the Tune Image feature to highlight and accentuate the details of the photo. I generally stick to a pretty similar pattern with this feature:

I never edit my photos to look drastically different, as I said before I like to just bring out the details. Depending on the lighting of the photo, the highlights and shadows numbers do change but they’re usual within this sort of range.

Normally this is me done, but sometimes if I want to add some texture and cosiness to the photo I’ll go into the Grainy Film feature. I turn the style strength right down, so it’s between 0 and 10, and keep the grain strength at 25 as this gives some texture whilst not losing the details.

Done! it’s time to upload to Instagram! I often turn up the warmth in instagram’s photo editor (I prefer the colour to the Snapseed one) usually within the 25 to 40 range but this again depends on the original photo.

Voila! I’m done!

As you can see there isn’t a massive difference but it does look more enhanced – I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and let me know if there are any more you’d like to see!

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