A month of blogging

Hello! You may think I’m losing my marbles, attempting to blog every day for 31 days – I certainly do, that’s for sure! I’m not entirely sure of my reasoning behind my decision, but I’m happy that I made it: autumn is my favourite time of the year and writing is one of my favourite hobbies so why not, I suppose!

For today’s post I thought I’d just introduce you (and myself – I’m making this up as I go along if I’m honest!) to the Blogtober plan. The basic gist of it is that everyday in October, I’ll be posting on my blog at some point in the day. Some of these posts will be autumn related and some will be just my usual rambling nonsense but rest assured, I really am going to try and stick to posting once a day, every day.

So, a little bit about me, right now. I’m actually writing this post on Friday 22nd September – quite early, yes, but I’m slightly worried that if I didn’t prepare some posts I’d completely forget about this project! It’s 20:21 and I am babysitting, which, I won’t lie, I’m not enjoying because the house smells of sick. Grim, I know. Tell me about it. Just another 2 hours left, I tell myself 😅I’m procrastinating doing homework by blogging on my phone which is unusual because i normally use my ipad to write on, but today I only have my phone with me so I thought I might as well be productive on my blog if I’m not doing any homework. Hey, it’s Friday and it’s late, what can I say – I’m not most motivated person in the world right now. But at least if I can get a few posts written I’ll have done something!

I’ll be posting again later on today so until then, have a lovely day!!

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