Dutch city guide

This week was my first week at 6th form, and I am shattered! So far it’s looking like it should be a good year, but I’m also kind of wishing I was back in Holland exploring…


Haarlem is a beautiful, sleepy city that wowed me with its church (I mean, look at it!). Whilst in this city, I definitely recommend going to the Museum of Haarlem and inside the church (named St Bavo’s) before exploring all of the little winding sidestreets.


For our full day in Leiden, in typical Dutch style, it poured down the whole day! We visited the Hortus Botanicus, which was so peaceful and lovely, and absorbed the culture of the city on the sunny half-day we were there – there are some very nice shops scattering the streets, so if you visit, I’d take a bit of money 😉


Rotterdam was slightly different to the rest of the cities, in that it’s very modern – it was heavily bombed during WWII, so there are lots of funky architectural pieces, quirky cafes and street art.


Delft was like a mini version of Amsterdam, with cute bouquets of flowers and traditional-looking buildings everywhere. We visited the Vermeer museum as Delft was where he lived and worked, and this was very informative – a must do if you like art!

This week I’ve also restarted my YouTube channel, and I’ll be posting my first proper video at some point over this weekend hopefully; if you’d like to subscribe (I’d like you to!!), click here! I hope you’re having a lovely day, sending love and hugs to you all!

Cara x

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