Results Day

I know, I know, you’re probably not going to be really wanting to read this post whilst it’s still summer, but as it’s GCSE results day today and I received my grades, I thought I’d write a short little post!

A quick background

So, I’m in the first year group to sit the new gcse exams – only in maths, english literature and english language. next year’s class will take all the new exams. These new exams have been initiated in an attempt to “differentiate” between higher grades, so basically, when in previous years the highest grade was an A*, now there is a 9 – an ‘A* and a half’, if you will. A grade 8 is equivalent to a low A*/high A and this continues – now, a grade 4 is a pass (next year it’ll be a 5) as the difficulty of the exams has also increased.

If you don’t live in the UK, you’re probably a bit confused at this point. GCSEs are exams that children aged 15 or 16 have to take. They span a variety of subjects, and people generally take around 10 subjects – I believe that next year you may be able to take less – but have to sit around 20 exams.

My experience

For my exams, I took maths, English literature, English language, core science, additional science (these are all compulsory subjects), PSHCE (this was compulsory at my school), and then art, geography, biology and Spanish as my options. I only sat 17 exams so I was quite lucky in that respect, and overall I’m happy with the grades I’ve been awarded:

  • maths – grade 8
  • english literature – grade 8
  • english language – grade 9 with distinction
  • pshce – level 2
  • core science – A
  • additional science – A
  • spanish – A*
  • geography – A*
  • ICT – A*
  • art – A

Tips and advice

  1. start revising early, but not too early.
  2. don’t stress out too much – they’re not the end of the world!
  3. believe in yourself!
  4. don’t forget to treat yourself – that means when you’re revising, as well as after the exams, and on results day.
  5. listen to your teachers! But your friends and parents are also really good sources of help and information.

I hope this helps some of you! If you took GCSEs, how did you do? Let me know in the comments!

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