a spanish haul

I don’t normally write, read or watch any ‘haul’ posts because i sometimes feel they’re inauthentic – i don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but i think some people just buy things for the sake of being able to write a post or film a video about them. this is different! everything i’ve bought in spain i bought for me – then i realised i bought a lot of cool, quirky stuff and i wanted to share it!

“donut worry” notebook from ale-hop, €4 • a pun on a notebook? an essential.

bear and strawberry scratch art from ale-hop, €3 • i had so many of these when i was younger but i haven’t done one in years so i thought, once i’d seen this adorable pattern, i’d invest!

cactus flip flops from ale-hop, €4 • shoes and notebooks = two things you definitely can never have too many of.

journal/motivational quote bible thing from ale-hop, €6 • my most *unusual* purchase, down to the fact that i don’t really know what this is!! it’s a notebook (surprise surprise hehe) and at first i thought it was a luxury journal but it actually has really cute illustrations and quotes in spanish inside it…i have no idea what i’m going to use this for but i love it!

pack of 12 warm-coloured felt tips from ale-hop, €3 • warm tones, pens…do i need to say much more? two of my favourite things, so naturally i had to buy 🙂

set of 3 beaded trinket pots from jakarta, €5 • in the photo is the largest pot of the set, but inside it are two increasingly-smaller pots!! adorable or what?!

that’s all! i’m leaving spain tomorrow but i’ve had the nicest time, sending hugs to you all 🙂

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