facing fears

I'm trying to overcome a fear I've had for a few years now. It's tough but JK Rowling was definitely right when she said "anything' possible if you've got enough nerve" and I think if you're determined enough and persevere, you can overcome your fear.

I won't go into lots of detail about my fear because the beginning of it was pretty icky and I can't imagine you'll really want to know why I became scared of germs XD. I know I'm still not completely cured (for want of a better word) however I've sorted things out in my mind now and I've realised really how irrational my fear actually is. I think having a deep think about why you're scared and if it's rational is a good starting point to overcoming a fear – if you think that a fear of growing up or not being able to get signal on your phone, for instance, is rational, then you need to have another think. Hard as it is, try and see your fear through someone else's perspective – would they feel the same? So do you need to?

Germs are everywhere; there's no way of avoiding them really. Obviously there's a line between being hygienic and being a germaphobe, and at first I tried to convince myself that i was washing my hands 'just' to be hygienic, but after a while I started to realise that, no, actually, I was scared of germs. To me, this felt like the biggest step to conquering my fear – admitting that I had one.

You may be thinking, "yeah, I know I'm afraid of … but that doesn't mean I'm not afraid of it" – trust me, I know!! Working up to beating the fear is a long and hard process, but time and effort will pay off. Just do things a little at a time to build up your confidence, and soon you'll be able to make bigger steps of progress.

Do you have any fears? Please let me know in the comments below! How are you planning to overcome it? Again, let me know and just keep on trying! Fears aren't the end of the world although they can take control of your life, so just take the time you need to put things into perspective and sort it out. Sending lots of love and support, and if you ever need any motivation or just a little chat, feel free to comment and I'll reply as soon as possible xx

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