home from home

Do you ever get the feeling that even when you've travelled 1,500 miles, you're still completely at home, even in a completely different culture and setting? I do. It's how I feel now, as I'm sat in Spain, under the sunshine that is still blazing 34°c at 7 o'clock at night, with salty sea in my hair and newborn freckles peeking out from a honey-gold tan.
The light last night was kind of purpley-rose coloured and it cast a really beautiful dusky light all over the town 👼🏼 minutes pass by so slowly and lazily which just mirrors the lifestyle of the residents here!! I've been eating lots of yummy pastries, fruit and ice cream in an attempt to keep cool and it's so so nice being able to eat tropical fruits that you actually see growing literally in your back garden 🍋🍌everything smells of jasmine flowers and sun cream and it's such a relief to have a break from real life and talk about little, insignificant things and have no worries. Lying on the beach or splashing in the cooling Mediterranean Sea before eating an exotic meal is so special and I'm extremely lucky to be experiencing such beauty as this!

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