bits and bobs

Heyyy, I'm back! I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to think of a blog name I'm genuinely happy with as I'm not 100% a fan of sepiasunsets but I didn't want to put blogging off completely until I'd chosen a name, so I'm just going to carry on writing and eventually I'll find a name I do like!
Today, I thought I'd share some of the things I've been loving recently –

Harry Potter – obviously!

Frankie magazine – if you haven't ever read it, I definitely recommend! It's pretty difficult to get your hands on in england but there are ways – WH Smith's ~occasionally~ stock it (not always, I've found) but there are various places online you can also buy them.

Flowers, the sun, shadows… take a look at my Instagram and you'll see what I mean, hehe😇

Mandalas, and just doodling in general.

DIYs! This is a hand-stitched Matisse tote bag which I looooved making!

Shadows (again…)

Strawberries – I've recently reignited a love for strawberries and they're quickly going to become my go-to snack food, I think.

My wall! Sounds weird, but I love this wall in my room as I cover it with postcards, tickets, posters, doodles etc…it just sums me up!!

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